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Halal Food – a Journey

If you have come to Australia after living in Middle East, you know you never had to worry about your food in a café, restaurant, hotel or grocery store being Halal, until you land in Australia. For our small family, it had been quite a learning curve from the day we arrived.

We came to Australia a few years ago when quite a few companies had discontinued their halal certification process due to a campaign, and that still remains active. This made our search of halal food and grocery items a little challenging. You can stop eating out, but you need to produce food at home for your family, so you need grocery items, and a wide variety of it, to provide safe and healthy food for your family.

We looked for Halal signs on shops and products; we followed word of mouth; used some websites that had a good inventory of grocery items; joined WhatsApp and Facebook groups where people shared their knowledge of everyday grocery items; and we went from isle to isle in grocery stores reading ingredients, checking their codes, or looking for items which were labelled as suitable for Vegans and/or Vegetarians. This will probably all look very familiar to you as well in one way or another. We do it because we follow a belief, no matter which sect, and we want to do the right thing as per our knowledge.

You may argue whether one needs to go into that much detail. Does it matter if something not permissible so small, is just a fraction of a percent of the total ingredients? And, does it matter if an ingredient would evaporate during cooking process.

The answer to these questions is, that it is totally up to you.

We have done our bit of research, we learnt a few things along the way, and we would like to share that learning and knowledge with you so that you can make an informed decision. We have tried to find the products that are halal certified (whether they bear the logo or not); we have tried to find the names of the halal certification agencies; we have tried to find the validity of these certificates;  we have tried to list the ingredients of as many products as we could find; we have asked the companies (more than 100 brands) to let us know if their products, if not halal certified, were suitable for halal diet. In the end, we felt that it was a reasonably good resource that we could share with all of you, for you to help make the right choices. And we built this website (www.halalsearch.com.au) as a means of communication.

While you go through the information on this website, please note, we are not an authority on the matter of Halal and Haraam in any way, nor are we the interpreter of any Shariah, ruling or fatwah around the subject. We are not associated with any Halal Certification Authority, organisation, manufacturer, importer, exporter or agency. We respect all opinions. Use this website as a step in your journey, not a destination.

We will try to update the information as efficiently as we can. However, if you find any information on this website that does not look correct, needs updating, or is misleading, please help us to correct it so together we help the community in making the right decision about what we eat, drink and consume.

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