Halal Search is an online resource for information about Halal groceries, restaurants and cafes. Halal Search is not associated with any Halal Certification Authority, organisation, manufacturer, importer, exporter or agency. Halal Search is not an authority itself on the matter of Halal and Haraam in any way, shape and form, nor it is the interpreter of any Shariah, ruling or fatwah around the subject. We respect every opinion that is from an authentic source.

It may be possible that the brand that produces Halal certified or Halal suitable products, may also manufacture other products that are not halal suitable at the same location or at a separate location. It may also happen that a restaurant or café listed on this website may also serve food and beverages that are not halal suitable, serve alcohol or have BYO arrangements. Therefore, this is up to you to do your due diligence in making the decision that is best for you and your family.

Whilst Halal Search will do its utmost best to verify all the information on this website, however, please note that Halal Certification is subject to periodic auditing and inspections by the Halal Certification authorities, and the Halal status of businesses and products may change any time without prior notice. Likewise, the manufacturing companies of Halal Suitable products (that are not Halal Certified but do not contain any obvious ingredients that may be questionable) may change the ingredients of these products, or start producing them on plants that also produce other products without prior notice. For these reasons, we do not take any responsibility for inaccurate or obsolete information on this website.

If you find any information on this website that does not look correct, needs updating, or is misleading, please help us to correct it so together we help the Muslim community in making the right decision about what we eat, drink and consume.