The idea of Halal Search came from the vision to provide the most authentic resource possible in finding Halal certified and Halal suitable groceries, restaurants and cafes etc. in the capital cities, e.g. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin and Hobart in particular, and all over Australia in general.

There are a range of Halal Certification Bodies and Authorities in Australia that are helping Australian manufacturing companies achieve the Halal Certification for their products and processes primarily to support the exports to the countries that require the products to be Halal certified. These products are also available in the Australian markets and supermarkets, however, not all products bear the certification mark. Our aim will be to try to find as many Halal Certified products & places and update them on our website as regularly as possible, even if they do not print the Halal certification mark on their labels.

Apart from Halal Certified products, there is a large range of grocery items that are Halal Suitable, that is, they are not Halal Certified, however, they do not contain any obvious ingredients that may be questionable, for example, Haraam (unlawful) or Mushbooh (doubtful).

If you find any information on this website that does not look correct, needs updating, or is misleading, please help us to correct it so together we help the Muslim community in making the right decision about what we eat, drink and consume.